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21 Bucket List Destinations to visit before turning 30!

If you want to achieve your dream, you have to dream one!

To celebrate Ben’s 21st Birthday, we are sharing with you our 21 bucket list destinations to visit by the age of 30! We would love to hear what’s on your bucket list, or if you’ve been lucky enough to visit any of these destinations! These are not ranked in any order – that would be too hard! And there are plenty of places we’ve had to leave out to keep it to 21…


1. NORWAY | It’s always been the number one dream to experience the Northern Lights and hike to the top of Preikestolen!

2. LONDON BABY! | Since Amy was a kid, she has always dream’t of exploring the city of London.

3. U.S.A ROAD TRIP | Travelling along the iconic Route 66 has always been Ben’s dream.

4. VENICE, ITALY | Everyone wants to get lost in Venice!

5. SWISS ALPS | The beauty of these incredible mountains is breathtaking!

6. GRAND CANYON | From the valley floor and from above…

7. NEW YORK CITY | Spending a day experiencing all of Central Park.

8. SOUTH EAST ASIA | An extended trip through South East Asia to really cover some ground.

9. UK & IRELAND ROAD TRIP | Hire a car and let the roads lead us along!

10. NIAGARRA FALLS | Winter or Summer? Both!

11. SANTORINI, GREECE | Don’t forget to bring the camera along…

12. GREAT BARRIER REEF, AUSTRALIA | Snorkelling at one of the most beautiful places in our country.

13. ROAD TRIP IN NEW ZEALAND | Hire that camper van and just go!

14. LA PAZ, BOLIVIA | Take in the view from above, and explore some salt flats!

15. CINQUE TERRE, ITALY | Oh, how beautiful and colourful!

16. UBUD, INDONESIA | Time to get some R & R!

17. WAIKIKI BEACH, HAWAII | And more R & R…

18. NEPAL | Walking tracks and amazing scenery!

19. SWIMMING IN CROATIA | Who could say no to this!


21. ULURU & KING’S CANYON, AUSTRALIA | To the Red Centre!



I hope you enjoyed reading our list! What destinations are on yours?


Thanks to all our friends who contributed to our gallery, make sure to check out their pages!



  1. My destination #goals:
    USA (NYC and LA, the touristy spots aha)
    Tokyo (again! I loved it so much)

    I live in Australia too, so all these places are so far away, but I love crossing long distances. Greenland and Iceland would be specially far away, practically outta reach but anything is possible!

    Oh and one destination in my backyard that I’ve never set foot, but would like to:

    Cheers, Viv x

    1. ICELAND! That’s one we forgot to mention. It would be amazing to experience somewhere so different 🙂

      Your list sounds good – thanks for sharing Viv!

  2. That’s a BIG bucket list to tick off before you turn 30! Good luck and no doubt you’ll be adding to it along the way. Which side of Niagara Falls are you planning on visiting? Also, I can highly recommend adding Antarctica to this list.

    1. It sure is a huge bucket list, but we like to dream big!
      I’ve heard the Canadian side of Niagara Falls is spectacular. What do you recommend? 🙂
      Thanks for sharing, Christina.

  3. I love your list! Such amazing choices for bucket list destinations 🙂
    My top 5 are probably: Amsterdam, Canada, Bora Bora, Greece and New Zealand 🙂

  4. Good list you have there. The Ireland roadtrip, Nepal, Santorini and New Zealand are on my bucket list as well. Since we’re Belgians, we do nr.20 almost everyday! Njum

    1. Thanks for sharing Myrthe – I’m sure you’ll tick those destinations off your bucket list!
      Lucky you getting to indulge in all that yummy chocolate… 🙂

  5. Very nice! I’m already in my 30’s too, but it’s not too late! I still have some bucket list destinations that I want to visit someday. These are Greenland, Bora Bora and Antarctica.

  6. I’ve been to a few locations on your bucket list. You’ve got a good list here! My bucket list includes Ireland, New Zealand, Alaska, and a cruise — somewhere!

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