Embarrassing & Funny Travel Stories

What's your most embarrassing or funniest travel moment?

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We all need a laugh from time to time, so let’s all share an embarrassing or funny travel moment you (or someone you know) had while travelling.

My story goes like this…

During a family holiday in beautiful New Zealand in 2013, we visited Queenstown. THE ADVENTURE CAPITAL! We couldn’t leave without doing something extreme. That extreme for me was both an extreme activity as well as an extremely embarrassing incident…

We’d just completed the Nevis Swing, where you get dropped from 160m above a river and swing at 120kph through a canyon (yep, I was crazy enough to do that!!). Photos and videos of the moment are captured which you can view and purchase afterwards in the shop at the Canyon. My family was already inside looking at the pictures when I came in later, after watching a few more people experience their ‘Queenstown Extreme’. I walked up to who I thought was my Dad, rested my head on his shoulder and looked at the photos on the screen before I realised that it wasn’t my Dad! After an awkward moment of eye contact, I quickly walked away in silence and returned to my actual family feeling extremely embarrassed.

That feeling stuck around until the bus arrived back in Queenstown and I was never to see that man again!


Now I’ve shared with you my embarrassing story, what’s yours?

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Nevis Swing | Queenstown, NZ


  1. Haha so embarrassing! If that happened in NYC where we live, the person probably would have bugged out! Love the personal touch on your blog, it really helps to connect with you guys! keep the stories coming!

    1. Thank you so much Gina and Zeke! If you would like to keep up to date with our latest posts, stay connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

  2. This is a fun post and question! Sooo I have so many. Most recently I was in Melbourne, Australia. I went for a run at like 4 AM in suburb in Melbourne from a friend’s place I was staying at (I was up because I was staying up all night to get back on the US time zone). Anyway, I headed out in the rain and dark. As usual I kind of just wandered around taking random streets. After a bit, I looked up and realized I had no idea where I was. Every house looked the same in the suburb and I thought I was really screwed. I was going to have to leave for the airport in 40 minutes.

    Of course I had left my phone in the house to let it charge. Soo my frustration and anxiety began to build. LUCKILY I managed to wander back to the house and make it in time for my flight. It was such a stupid thing, but now I just laugh at. Of course I ended up missing my connection to my international flight in Sydney and got stuck for the day ANYWAY without sleeping. It’s funny though because these are the stories you remember most about traveling.

  3. Too funny!! I feel we’ve all had those kind of moments somehow. I don’t quite remember the full story (as it happened to my aunt lol), but my aunt was on a trip in some country in the middle east many years ago. My aunt, unfamiliar with the culture, had run into a local who seemed pretty friendly–waved and smiled, circled her a few times– and shook her hand. Typical American greeting so she thought nothing of it, until this man started dragging/pulling her away from her tour group!! She frantically escaped and made it back fortunately (as she typically traveled solo). Only after that did she hear from the tour guide, announcing to the group, to be wary of some of the locals and to NOT shake their hand, as that means they’re married in the country! They typically do it to Americans on purpose, too, knowing they are unaware. So somewhere on the other side of the world my aunt has a “husband” she ran away from! lol

  4. Hilarious and somewhat sweet! One of travel’s biggest gift is that you’re simply able to walk out of embarrassing situations with almost no repercussions, apart from being emotionally bruised every now and then. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Haha! What a funny moment. Sometimes I think these embarrassing moments can also lead to a bonding moment. I’ve made friends with people who watched me do something stupid like trip and fall or forget something and need to run off the bus to grab it. I love that you share these personal moments on your blog. It helps people get to know you better. Keep them coming!

  6. LOVE this! The beauty of embarrassing yourself while abroad is that you can just bus away…
    My dad used to travel a lot for work when airlines were more generous so we got the lounge whether we flew first class or not. I was about seven and when I realized we weren’t getting the lounge I slammed my foot down and declared, “this is NOT how I travel.” My mother thought she was going to die.
    Kind of funny that now I’m the person who’ll stay in the 40 person dorm because it’s 2 quid cheaper…

  7. I feel you Amy! On my first trip overseas when I was about 19, my best friend and I were in the queue to board the plane. There was a cute guy in front of us with headphones on and my friend started joking with me about his boyfriend potential. When he turned around and smiled at us I realised his headphones were silent and he’d heard everything!

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