Premium Colosseum Tour with Walks of Italy

Colosseum, Palatine Hill & Roman Forum

outside colosseum walks of italy tour rome romaOutside of Colosseum

The morning begins standing under the shadow of the amazing structure of the Colosseum where our group met to begin the 3-hour tour of the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and Roman Forum. The Walks of Italy guide firstly gives some important and interesting background information about the Colosseum and explains some of its structure on the outside before joining the queue to enter the Colosseum. This is a very quick process that involves screening of bags, so make sure you leave anything prohibited in the hotel room!

We followed our guide around the first and second floor of the Colosseum as they share stories that help you imagine what would have happened during a time that the Romans flocked to the Colosseum for a day of entertainment. Our guide told stories of gladiators and how a day of battle would play out from start to finish, and what would happen to the winner and his defeated. There are plenty of opportunities throughout to ask questions, take photos and immerse yourself in the surroundings. Our guide pointed out many things in the Colosseum that we would’ve otherwise missed if we visited by ourselves and not with a Walks of Italy guide.

inside colosseum second floor walks of italy tour rome roma
Inside the Colosseum

Next we moved on to the nearby Palatine Hill and Roman Forum. This is an incredible place and the Walks of Italy guide did a fantastic job fascinating us with facts about our surroundings. Firstly, we walked up Palatine Hill and heard about where homes of emperors and temples once stood. This place is not as busy or crowded as the Colosseum or Roman Forum, so enjoy the peacefulness while you can before joining the crowds again at a stunning lookout over the Roman Forum and towards the Colosseum. This wasn’t just a perfect place to get some spectacular photos, but also a great opportunity for where the guide pointed out how Roman lives took place around where buildings once stood below.

Roman Forum Colosseum walks of italy tour rome roma
Roman Forum and Colosseum


We arrived at the Roman Forum by walking down an old cobble road which was thousands of years old. It’s such an incredible experience to be surrounded by the ruins inside the Roman Forum, but this is made even more special on this Walks of Italy tour as the guide shares history and stories which really help you not just see the sites but truly experience them. After hearing about the buildings that once stood alongside us, the tour finished at the final resting point of Julius Caesar, where ruins from the Temple of Caesar stand.

Roman Forum walks of italy tour rome roma
Roman Forum

Along with having the fantastic knowledge of a local guide, one of best things about this tour with Walks of Italy is the photo book the guide brings with them to illustrate what the Colosseum and buildings in the Roman Forum used to look like compared to now. This really helps you appreciate and understand the history of where you are standing.

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