Ancient Rome Reconstructed with Walks of Italy

A multimedia tour through the Imperial Forum

ancient rome roma reconstructed light show multimedia tour forum imperial fora walks of italyAncient Rome Reconstructed

If you’re looking for a different way to learn about Ancient Rome, then this tour inside the Imperial Forum is not to be missed!

Although visitors can buy their own ticket to this multimedia show and are not required to attend with a tour company, it’s very beneficial to take this tour with Walks of Italy. Their tour begins with a history lesson where the guide shares important information during the walk between the tour meeting point and the starting point of the multimedia tour. This is an easy, slow paced stroll for approximately 1 hour and gives insight into some important parts of Ancient Rome that will help you understand what’s presented in the multimedia tour.

Stepping through the gates of the Trajan’s Forum, the small tour group will merge with a larger group of visitors who are also booked for the same time slot. You’ll be equipped with a high-quality headset and audio guide which automatically plays as you walk through the forums.

ancient rome roma reconstructed light show multimedia tour forum imperial fora
Ancient Rome Reconstructed

This tour starts by following the walkway through the Forum of Trajan and then through the underground tunnel of the Imperial Fora. Above sits the asphalt road, Via dei Fori Imperiali, that connects the Colosseum and Piazza Venezia, and this is where the multi-media content begins. Fascinating real footage is shown as 1500 construction workers work to raise the ground until level with Ancient Rome, so that the road sitting right above your head could be built. This is quite a surreal experience to be standing in the same place that the footage shown took place.

With the use of audio and light projections, you’ll next be taken inside some of the ancient buildings found in the forum some 2000 years ago and watch scenes from Ancient Rome. With such exceptional multimedia, not much is left up to the imagination as the multimedia guide shows temples being reconstructed and used how they were thousands of years ago, with re-enactments by those such as members of the senate, moneylenders and residents.

ancient rome roma reconstructed light show multimedia tour forum imperial fora
Ancient Rome Reconstructed

The multimedia guide will enlighten you to things you otherwise wouldn’t have been aware of if just walking through this area. For example, an area you’ll see has been identified as a school as there is proof from the carvings on the walls which have been identified as the alphabet. Using this information, other words which have been carved on the walls have now been revealed.

Along with teaching you about the lives of Romans in the forum, the multimedia tour also focuses on the life of Julius Caeser. Using the light projections, you’ll learn about the role that he played in the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire, along with an insight into his awful assassination.

Julius Caeser

We found the group size of the multimedia tour to be slightly too large, and it was very easy to miss parts of it particularly if at the back of the group. One huge bonus of being on this tour with Walks of Italy is that the guide is with you the whole time and also after the multimedia tour, so there are plenty of opportunities to ask the guide any questions if you were to miss something or wanted to know any further information.

Why not try something different during your time in Rome and learn about the history of this amazing city in a way not yet known to many visiting Rome! We highly recommend booking on this Walks of Italy tour and having an opportunity to learn so much from a dedicated, knowledgeable and friendly local guide.

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